What to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts is an issue that has preoccupied generations of students throughout the years. Known as America’s college town, it is a melting pot of sorts, housing one of the most famous and diverse campuses in the country. At the core of campus, dense grassy Harvard Yard is anchors by the massive neoclassical Widener Library. Further east, at the edge of the campus lies the more residential, well-heeled MIT campus. Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to Harvard University.

Cambridge, Massachusetts is also known for hosting some of the nation’s best universities and colleges. Harvard University is among the finest in the world. Cambridge is also home to MIT, one of the original eight research universities established by MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to being one of the schools known as America’s college campuses, MIT is known for its role in computer science, specifically in the areas of computer engineering and programming. MIT was among the first schools to employ computers in every aspect of their academic research, which contributed greatly to the advancements in computer science to this day.

Cambridge is known to be a thriving city, even during these difficult economic times. There is a large middle class, with many of the students attending either a four year or a two year college. The city’s public transportation system, known as the MBTA, is one of the finest in the nation. Students may also choose to hop on the commuter rail, which provides convenient traveling to all of the city’s downtown areas.

There are numerous museums within walking distance of all of the dorms, offices, and classrooms at MIT. The Museum of Natural History is considered to be one of the best in the country. In addition to holding a collection of fossilized animals, it has also recently opened an exhibit that allows people to touch and feel the rocks of the formation. The Guggenheim Museum has an enormous collection of art, artifacts, and historical documents, ranging from the early seventeenth through the Civil War. There are also several libraries within walking distance, and students can find specific types of literature for their individual needs.

While many students may think of Cambridge as a bustling, metropolitan city, it also offers a rural feeling. woodshed is one of the many neighborhoods in Cambridge. This community is located in North Cambridge, and houses a cabin, which is owned by its owner. The place is beautiful, and there are many walking trails to explore. Another notable area in nearby Cambridge is Wollaston Woods, which is known for its marvelous landscapes, and quaint little shops that sell food, crafts, and souvenirs.

While some students may opt to live in housing away from the city, many choose to stay in what is commonly known as “suburban sprawl.” Many of the homes in this area are not really more than two stories, and the closer they are to campus, the more affluent they tend to be. Also, many of these neighborhoods have excellent schools, and have been chosen as a destination because of its proximity to public schools.

When considering what to do in cambridge, students also have the option of living on their own. One of the most popular choices for these students is to live in a cottage in Cambridge. These homes are usually located within the Cambridge neighborhoods of Beacon and Dedham, and contain many of the features that students love such as walking trails, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Students who live in a cottage on their own have an excellent sense of independence, and they often find themselves taking care of all of the chores and household responsibilities themselves. For those students who wish to pursue a higher education but do not have the means to pay for classes, living on their own allows them to do so. It is also a great way to experience what it is like to live in one of the colleges in the area.

Another common choice for students looking to what to do in cambridge is to rent an apartment. These apartments are located in many college towns throughout the Cambridge area, and are often fairly affordable. Cambridge is home to some of the nation’s best colleges and universities, making it one of the top real estate destinations for students. Whether one is just graduating from college or has been a student for years, it is easy to find a rental property. There are so many properties available for rent in Cambridge, that it is easy for students to find an apartment that suits their needs and fits their budget.